Full range of bikes and trailers now available from Fuji Breezer SE and Croozer

February 3rd, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

So, Oceania Bicycles our excellent supplier for Fuji, Breezer, SE, and Croozer has set up a system where, if you know exactly which bike and which size you are after, you can order it yourself and get us to build it for you.

The bikes we actually keep in stock, endorse and know all about are only the ones on our BIKES list (top of the column right). But, hey if you know what you want, Oceania and Cheeky can get you rolling. It’s freight free, and we use our trained technicians to build it up and tune it for you.

You can check availability and pricing, and press the buy button. Then it gets shipped to us and we set it up how you like. I guess the thing is, you need to know what you are after and you take the reponsibility for the sizing.


Here are some bikes that we don’t stock, that you could click and collect from us

  SE Tripel

 Fuji CX 1.5

 Breezer Repack

 Croozer Trailer