Davy is leaving Cheeky

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P1010725.JPGP1010725.JPGP1020340.JPGIt’ll be my last Saturday at Cheeky this Saturday. I’m off to Canberra to help run a shop down there. I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to all our fantastic customers for the last nine years, you have helped make my job a lot of fun and very rewarding. Part of me can’t believe I’m leaving but giving my children an experience of a different place and the desire for change are significant motivators.

Thank You. David.



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Made To Measure – Handmade Bike Show

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We’re excited that The Treadlie Made to Measure Bike Show is coming to Sydney. It’s happening next week at the old Deus shop on Oxford St.

Our vote for Best In Show is going to go the two entries from Bobo Bicycles.

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Mick is riding across America!

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Mick is riding across America on his custom Bobo Bicycles Rohloff Tourer.

You can follow his adventures via http://notsoeasyrider.tumblr.com/

Photos of roadside oddities, epic scenery, and epic meals. Check out a selection below..

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Obscure musings

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from Dave at the bobo bicycles website (best framebuilder in Newtown)

I had a reckoning of sorts the other week when I realised, not without a little help from my friends, that the bicycle framebuilding bonanza that appeared to be gripping the States (even if that grip was waning) that I thought was destined to come to Australia was unlikely to occur here and rather than sit back and wait for the cyclists clamoring for a tasteful steel frame fork built by me I might need to get serious about promoting my bikes.

So, here I am, finally paying some attention to my website. The bikes that inspired me to start building are the bikes that Inner City Cycles used to sell, that big Noel used to sell at what is now King Street Cycles, I think it was Calypso cycles back then. These bikes were built by Jim Lemon or Wayne Kotzur as far as I could ascertain and they were beautiful in their single colour paint job, durability, quality parts and the fact that every customer had a close relationship with their bike, frequently an anecdote about acquiring the bike or a story about their journeys together would give the bicycle some history. I couldn’t help but feel honoured to be entrusted to work on their bike as a mechanic.

Of course, the incredible workmanship of some of the American builders was transforming the landscape of what qualifiedas good work but today, I find a lot of the American bicycles you see at the shows and in magazines, over the top. Good on em on one level but on another just build a bike that is built to ride not just look pretty, you can have both of course but not looks or trinkets at the expense of the practical use of the bicycle. These bikes built in Australia were solid, quality bikes that were difficult to fault, the certainly had the famed longevity of the steel bicycle.

When I start writing stuff about bicycles I get strangely paralysed because there are so many cool and interesting things about bikes that I don’t know where to start talking about and I end up thinking people can find anything on the internet these days and they probably find plenty of interesting stuff.

I have had a long peripheral interest in cyclocross racing (thanks to Adam Hogan) and there is one character that especially fascinated me. This vegan dude who identifies as a girl who lives in Portland,Oregon-Molly Cameron. He used to run this cool bike shop called Veloshop and was trying to crack the cross racing scene in the States, got booted out of the women’s racing and had to fight hard to get anywhere in the men’s division but stuck at it.

Adam had visited the shop and mentioned it was pretty cool, I went to Veloshop when I was in Portland and it was a wicked little shop, like a two storey version of the old Cheeky on Pitt Street. I think  Veloshop is now part of some bike complex where you get fitted and and adjusted and measured and poked and prodded. Molly is racing cyclocross all around the world it seems and still running a bikeshop. Check out www.mollycameron.com and www.veloshop.org

For something different check out www.overopinionatedframebuilder.blogspot.com

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jo speration

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image by patrick jones from bikewise


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Bobo Bikes – Number One

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David’s finished his first custom ordered Bobo and it’s out on the road. Proud owner Aaron took some photos at Bobbin Head – Bobo at Bobbo.

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bike found!

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unbelievable but true. the recipients of my bicycle (whilst having immaculate taste) couldn’t be outdone by the lean, mean fighting machine that is duncan. i can’t thank you enough. i know it is only a bicycle but it was the first bicycle that i built myself and the lugs….oh, the lugs. stop it.

anyway, thanks to everyone who looked out for it.

in other news: rohloff’s are going crazy at the moment and the singlespeed bonanza is getting a bunch of kids on bikes. fixed gear-f*** yeah!

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There goes your paint ideas for bobo bikes Dave

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more photos here

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framebuilding adventures

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so whilst bobo bikes hasn’t really got off the ground yet i have been in the workshop. Replaced some vertical tips with some horizontal track ends for the lovely richard. filing has been taking up a lot of my time.
john down at cycle underground provided the tips care of his cnc mill and after a lot of dithering around i finally got em in.
a top tube replaced for big rob went smoothly as i only had to do the filing and cablestop fitting, john and frank fitted the tube.
pictures soon.

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handmade bike show

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there is handmade bicycle show currently on in america. here is part one of a review posted at cycling news, here is part two. pretty impressive, i now have the next twenty years to get bobo bikes to that standard.
enjoy the mastery.

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