Our next Brompton ride is this Sunday March 13

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Our next Brompton ride is Sunday March 13. Bring your Brompton bicycle 4pm at the shop for an inner west cruise then drink.

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Brompton social this Thursday night

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Ok, Bromptoneers. Nick has had another brilliant idea.

We’re having a social ride this Thursday night to go see the bright lights of Vivid.



Start at 7pm at Cheeky Transport,

go to the uni, central park, darling harbour, round to walsh bay and the rocks, finish up at passenger terminal for a view of the Opera House..
Please join us on your Brompton!
Adam and Nick

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Brompton Maintenance Course

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Tuesday June 16 details here

Learn how to work on your lovely Brompton bicycle! then you can do cool adventures like this




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Big Rides, Little Wheels #3 – Brompton To The Gong

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Look at these three grinning idiots, for the proof of what spending a day out and about on a Brompton does to a normally sober and responsible cyclist.

I’m sure you can appreciate my rhetorical strategy here – proof and inspiration that 16″ wheels are no barrier to long distance riding.

If you want to get involved in our next Brompton adventure, we’d like to invite you to join our 2013 team for the Gong Ride. 90k’s from Sydney Park, prizes to be awarded for sartorial excess – http://register.gongride.org.au/2013-Sydney-to-Gong-Bike-Ride/Brompton+To+The+Gong – As ever, non-Brompton riders are welcome, but only in the company of an accredited Bromptoneer.

If you can’t make it, feel free to donate to help us reach our fundraising goal – http://register.gongride.org.au/2013-Sydney-to-Gong-Bike-Ride/Brompton+To+The+Gong

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Big Rides, Little Wheels #2 – Don’t Forget To Stop

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Our friend Sophie is in the middle of a pretty epic Brompton adventure, taking her M3R from Boston to Miami via the East Coast Greenway, and having a fantastic time along the way. If you don’t speak Brompton, M3R means a Sturmey Archer 3spd hub, so much kudos to Soph..

Follow along via Instagram / Blog / Facebook etc..

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