Shark Mark’s Crosscheck Custom

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We have some amazing customers, and some particularly interesting bikes in the shop today. Mark has an immaculate collection himself, including three Bromptons, a Moulton, A Dahon, Cannondale Badboy and this beauty

Surly Crosscheck , XT, Flatbar with Ergon grips, SKS fenders and sweet saddlebag.

shark mark crosscheck

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New shipment of Ron D Swan Legbands

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Lots of colours with reflective stripes. Use them to stop your pants leg going into your chain. Damn handy this time of year and a bargain at $20 each. Made in sunny Melbourne by Ron D Swan.


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Bike Maintenance Courses

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Due to overwhelming demand from you and some time and enthusiasm on our part we will be running a series of bike maintenance courses.

The first will be the most basic course which involves learning the some of the names of bike parts, rear wheel removal, patching a tube and a basic safety check. I was hoping to run the first class next Tuesday the 5th of July if there were enough takers but I understand it’s late notice. The price is $60, with a minimum of 2 prticipants for the course to run and a  maximum of 4 people, start at 6:30pm and we’ll try to wrap up between 8 and 8.30pm. Non refundable-Prepayment is mandatory to secure your place. Just give us a call or email.

The 12th will be a brakes course,  the 26th will be gears, the 2nd of August will be hub overhaul, the 9th of August will be basic wheel truing and the 16th will be the pre touring trip course.

If you would like some specific on-on-one training this can be arranged after hours at $70 and can cover teaching you skills that match your aptitude or desired aptitude.

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Now Stocking – Power Grips

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Update: January 18th 2010 – Powergrips back in stock!

Update: December 20th 2009 We’re sold out of Power Grips, the wholesaler is sold out of Power Grips, and the manufacturer is sold out of Power Grips – Should be back in stock in the New Year, fingers crossed for soon.

I’m stoked that we’ve got some stock of Power Grip pedal straps available. I’ve been using them on my bike for a few years and think they’re a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to cleats or toe-cages. They’re $60 a pair for the standard length.

Powergrips are so brilliant, so sublime in their simplicity and economy of material, so superior in function and practicality, that it is a crime they are not standard equipment on all new mid and entry level mountain bikes, hybrids and city bikes. – Practical Pedal

Powergrips are durable, cheap, and effective. The inch-wide webbing straps won’t scratch up your Manolo Blahniks’ the way regular toeclips will; they let you move your foot around on the pedal as comfort demands, and a twist of the foot instantly binds or releases them. They have all the advantages of both toe clips and clipless pedals with none of the downsides. – Momentum Magazine

The most underrated bicycle accessory on this or any other planet. – Rivendell

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Ride to Work Day is this wednesday

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We believe that every day is ride to work and school and uni and the shops day, but 14 October 2009 is the official, compulsory Ride to Work Day. There’s breakfasts and events all over, including at RPA, and a biggun at Hyde Park

What are you doing??

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cycling courses

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paddy and jo in helmet free engalaaaaaaaaaaand

paddy and jo in helmet free engalaaaaaaaaaaand

Our friends paddy and jo with assorted assistants are providing some cycling skills courses. You can check their website or link below.

The City of Sydney has recently started a program for cyclists who want to gain confidence to ride in the City.

The City strongly supports cycling as a preferred sustainable method of transport and we feel that by providing these courses we will encourage more people to buy and use a bicycle and feel confident about riding in the City of Sydney.

Cycling in the City course

The Cycling in the City course is a free course available to any individual over 18 years old who is not a beginner.

The course teaches low risk and responsible riding and is designed for people who can already ride but want confidence to ride on city streets.

For more information go to:

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Inner West Greenway Submissions

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We’re big supporters of the Inner West Greenway project – it’s a plan to connect Cooks River and Iron Cove with a bike path/park/transport corridor along the old Dulwich Hill freight rail line.

The plans are currently on exhibition with Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield council, and they’re inviting public comments. We’d really encourage everyone to write a letter or an email to say how much you would like it to be a cycleway. There is a movement to make it an exclusive lightrail route, which will mean NO BIKES at all on this sweet, flat scenic ride from the cooks river into the city Via Rozelle.

So, yeah, vote bikes!

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a bit of light advice

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Yes, it’s dark out there… so lighten up people!

We have dynamo lights from Shimano, Schmidt and Busch and Muller. Dynamo are THE best commuting lights. A front hub generates the power to run a super bright LED front and rear light. They put out enough light (up to 60 lumens)to see where you are going and to make you very visible. No need to recharge batteries, lights are fixed onto the bike ready to go at all times. Some lights even turn themselves on when it’s dark. Also very hard to nick. $400+

Rechargable front lights from NiteFlux and NiteRider (includiing one that charges via USB on your computer) put out heaps of light. If you need to really light up the road, these are the go. The tiny Niterider MiNewt (110 Lumens) charges a very small Lithium battery which mounts on your stem and can recharge via USB or wall outlets. Very useful. Or The Niteflux Commuter 4 (270 Lumens) is a bit bigger and clunkier, but cheaper and brighter. $200 plus

Everyone needs at least a front white and a rear red blinky light. We have tiny little baby ones, rack mounted rear, helmet mounted, basket mounted , valve cap and super bright ones for handlebar and seatposts. $50 for a pair

Jennifer’s white bike has an IQ fly schmicko Dynamo light. Antonette’s blue Gofa has a front basket mounted flasher.

And we have stick-on reflective tape, refelctive anklets and vests by Ron D Swan and Netti.

please contact us if you would like any more light advice..

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Big Dummy

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One of these is a super heavy duty urban transport load carrying machine.. The other is a SUV..

We had the pleasure of building up our first Surly Big Dummy recently. It’s a new frame from Surly that’s built to work with the Xtracycle long-tail cargobike set up. Alex went for a Rohloff to give him the gear range to haul all the cargo that an Xtracycle can carry, a Brooks B17 and a Bobike Maxi child seat.

Have a look at all the photos here.

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Brompton Bling

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After taking a Brompton out for a spin on Ride to Work day, I can’t seem to get that bike out of my mind. There was something cheeky about the bike that made me feel like a teenager again (well we can all dream!). Then to make matters worse i found this flickr group. It looks like they are having fun over in Europe, customizing their bikes with the same passion and detail as the fixie scene.

here is one of my favorites:

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