Sydney Brompton Ride With Will Butler Adams, Brompton Managing Director, Saturday March 16

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Sorry for the late notice folks, but we’d love to see Sydney’s Brompton Community at Cheeky Transport this Saturday March 16.

Will Butler Adams, Managing Director of Brompton, is visiting Australia and Cheeky Transport would like to invite all the owners of our favourite folding bike out for a ride with Will on Saturday afternoon.

We’ll be meeting at Cheeky Transport (Map) at 4pm on Saturday, then rolling down to The Bar At The End of The Wharf at Walsh Bay for Pimms and Lemonades and a view of the harbour as the sun sets.

We’ll head via Chippendale, Ultimo, Haymarket and The Hungry Mile

Join our Sydney Brompton Facebook Group to stay up to date.

We’d love to see you and your Brompton there.

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Birdy Price Reduction

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Birdy folding bikes are amongst the most comfortable folders out there, and now they’re cheaper. The Birdy Orange is now $1600,  and the Birdy Blue is now $2070, while stocks last.

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more ebay madness

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Nb these bikes are not in store, and we won’t discuss them in store or on the phone. We also give no guarantees on the way it was assembled or manufacturers warranties If you want really good service, fitting info, pro assembly, manufacturers warranty and after sales love, you gots ta pay real money!

That said, if you know what you’re looking at, these babies are going to be bargains!

There are a couple of flatbar roadies a tourer, a limited edition 20 inch wheel Birdy folding bike, Daves full suss mtb (almost new), and a few singlespeed frames by Surly and On One



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brompton world championships March 17 Barcelona

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All participant men and women, must wear suit jacket and tie. Sportive clothng not allowed.

Check out the photos from last year website

by the way, we sell Brompton folding bikes and accessories in colours too from $1365!!

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We’re getting there

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 Apologies to those calling on our phone last week. Bloody telstra hooked up the wrong phone lines and we couldn’t get any incoming lines or answer messages from our old line. I am plowing through the messages today and tomorrow, after breaking back into 456 pitt st and hearing the robot say “you have 30 new meassages”!

Slowly but surely, Georgina St is starting to look like a bike shop (Cheeky style). Dave and John and Nick are awesome. By this afternoon we should have a workbench to be able to start repairing stuff, and building some cool bikes. We had enquiries on 4 Surly builds yesterday, really nice people too. Dave, the Electra bike man, came in and spoke to Dave our man, about some cool cruisers and 3 speeds for getting around town on. I want to have a lounge and a couple of stools in front of the counter for people to hang out in the next couple of days.



Sol demonstrating the effectiveness of Schwalbe Marathon reflective sidewalls at our friday night drinks.

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new stuff

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If you have been in to the shop in the last month you may have noticed that we have been BBBed. We have stocked BBB products for ages, but now we have more, and the rep stocks it, so hopefully we never run out of stock that we should always
have. Especially of note are the BBB Glasses
$50-$100 ALL COME WITH 3 Lenses. Pretty good value, and especially good for this time of year.
And you can look like Tom Boonen

We have started stocking respro pollution masks, which are getting more comfortable with the cooler weather

AAand we have finally got in some non vegan Brooks saddles. We will be getting some saddlebags at some stage, but now we have a few B17s (from $100!) and a pro and saddle coevers and maintenance kits
And in very limited stocks we have Tubus German Cromo racks. (basically the best racks for expedition touring) We have 4 Cargos, 2 Flys, 2Tara fronts and 1Duo. There is more on the way apparently, but the last time we could get any was about 12 months ago, so if you want one get in soon.
And more form Germany are the latest Birdy folders. We have and Orange and a Blue and one of these babies coming in a couple of days.
The Orange Blue and Silver in the classic frame design have good stocks. The new monocoque frame is slightly lighter and there is 1 Anthracite and 2 Silvers left in the country for a few months or so.

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bicycling australia show etc.

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another show, another bunch of kind of interesting stuff. adam and i volunteered at the test track but we seemed to spend more time wandering around the exhibition hall. There was an interesting "women and cycling: myths and realities" seminar but the vast majority of stalls had mass produced same old kind of set-up. the drop bar birdy looked cool and the new design frames are out there.
i always like to look at the baum bicycles display, inspect the welds, look hard at the paint job. it is amazing if you just take a few seconds longer to look at the join and the paint job on the bike that you just see another level rather simply a coloured collection of tubes.
i had the misfortune of having to use public transport for a few days as i injured me back and a knee injury flared up. i decided to get the train from bondi junction. i don't get out much and so seeing all the hordes of people flock to the station from the surrounding suburbs was like some flock making a pilgrimage to a waterhole or some such.
so i am sitting on the station waiting for the train and these booming speakers start spewing advertising and then a freakin television turns on and plays channel seven news updates and other assorted drivel.
i was judt dismayed, i am not writing righteously here, i just was like this can't be happening. when i opened my eyes, eveyrone around me who was standing was facing thescreen and watching the television.
when the dirty train bureacrats decided to glue the train windows up i thought that was a breach of my civil liberties to have access to fresh air and triedmostly unscuccessfully to re-open them, on this particular moring i just wanted to scream, 'whya re youwatching this shit?' or at least turn the bloody things off but then i thought what a disgustingly arrogant bastard i was to tell these people what to do, or even to think i knew better.
so i put up with it and tried to forget the experience on the train trip to central but then when i get to central i hear warning messages about unaccompanied baggage and that is the last straw, i have never disliked public transport but it is difficult to put up with some of the things that do not seem so public about the transport. why is channel seven on a public train platform?

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interbike episode whatever, i can’t remember

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Dahons that we may or may not see sometime next year. Lobby us and we will see what we can do

The New Speed TR has front and reaar pannier capabilities

The speedpro is the same, aprt from cowhorn bars and road style shifters.

And that's a pump inside that seatpost !!!

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birdy Rohloff

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This one is a custom build. In store until the weekend if you want to check it out

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Saturday morning has rolled around incredibly fast. (Well, it started as morning and now it's 4 0'clock. )

My first chance to take stock this week. Except i have a busy saturday ahead of me!

This week I had the good fortune of building andrew's rohloff equipped birdy this week. Mudguards, racks and the sweetest battery operated commuting light i have ever seen; the light and motion vega. It is a seriously cool bike, it oozes practicalility in a very shmick form. Look out for photos.

Welding at tafe is going pretty well. On monday we did some oxy cutting and gouging, on thursday we were doing outside corners on 1.6 stainless steel, then some fillet brazing. I have to get practicing so as not to let all this learning go to waste. Finding the correct equipment for torches and tips for bicycle specific brazing is proving quite difficult.

Tomorrow i will be off to sydney pitt st vegetarian restaurant for a dose of vegan yum-cha, sunday ritual.mmmmm. greasy.

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