Bruce and his Xtracycle

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We sent an Xtracycle FreeRadical kit up to Bruce in Queensland late last year, and he sent us an email and some photos. If you want to try one out, The Watershed Bike Library in Newtown includes an Xtracycle Radish.

Dear Cheeky,

The Xtracycle you sent me has been up and running for a few weeks now, and has become indispensable in our family transport options.

I’ve installed a 200w Bafang rear hub motor, which makes the steep hills around here manageable, even with big loads.  It’s been particularly useful when the local roads have been damaged in the January flood rains.  It carries loads of stuff, including our weekly Foodconnect delivery to Mt Nebo, 11km of steep mountain roads away, and transporting our 6yo to and from play dates.

It’s a good quality bit of gear.  I’ve used the disk brake mount, which requires a 203mm disk which really gets cooking on the long steep descents around here.  I think it will save rims and reduce the risk of heat blowouts.  I’ll be interested to see how well pads, calipers and disks last, as I’ve never had a bike with disks before.

Thanks for getting it to me last year.  I think if people knew how useful the Xtracycle was (especially with a motor), you would sell heaps more of them.

See pictures attached, with 6yo on his way to a friend’s and a recent delivery of Bafang hub motors etc.!



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XtraCycle Discounts!

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We’re big fans of the XtraCycle longtail cargo bike system. Check out this cool Rohloff Schmidt Big Dummy we did not so long ago. Our shop Xtracycle setup is very handy for margaritas and daiquiris as well..

Why am I telling you all this? The standard Xtracycle setup, consisting of a Free-Radical extension frame (26″ wheels) and the Longtail cargo kit are on sale for $600 for February. That’s about 20% off the normal price.  If you want to put a substantial dent in your car use, and breath some new life into an old mountain bike that doesn’t see the singletrack anymore, it could be just what you’re looking for.

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Big Dummy

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One of these is a super heavy duty urban transport load carrying machine.. The other is a SUV..

We had the pleasure of building up our first Surly Big Dummy recently. It’s a new frame from Surly that’s built to work with the Xtracycle long-tail cargobike set up. Alex went for a Rohloff to give him the gear range to haul all the cargo that an Xtracycle can carry, a Brooks B17 and a Bobike Maxi child seat.

Have a look at all the photos here.

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Old Man Mountain Back In Stock..

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Old Man Mountain racks are some of our favourites, especially for bikes without bosses or rack mounting points, or front or rear suspension.. And they’re back in stock! We’ve got the Sherpa, Ultimate Lowrider, Cold Springs and Red Rock.. Get in quick before they’re all gone.

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trailers for sale

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from Moz

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