Easter Touring #1 – Snowy Mountains

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Introducing Sydneycyclist.com

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Yeah, I know, it’s been up for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Damiens official Launch. ANyway, check it out, it’s got forums, photos, blogs, all Sydney related, and more


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Back from the USA

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Fuji and Golden Gate

My trip to the States was fantastic, but it’s good to be back at work and no matter what Dave says, Barnetts has definitely made me more useful in the workshop.

There’s a big stack of photos on my Flickr – check em out. There’s all of them here, or just the bike related ones here..

on ya bike

In other Flickr news, I’ve started a Flickr group for Inner West bike culture stuff, so feel free to join and add your photos..

One of the best experiences I had in the US was rolling with a Midnight Ridazz in LA – 4 or 500 riders on everything from Huffys to 3Renshos doing loops around Hollywood dressed up like gangs out of The Warriors, yelling and screaming, and then a stack of beers and kick of a soccerball in a park at the end..

Stay tuned, cos I’ve got official sanction to get Midnight Ridazz happening in Sydney.

While I’m on the blog, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the monstrous achievement of Stuart O’Grady in the Paris Roubaix, L’Enfer Du Nord. John is upset that Tommy Boonen didn’t do better, but I think I’ll celebrate by kicking back and watching a movie. (P.S. The race is gonna be on SBS on the 29th at 11am – thanks Phil)

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good morning lemmings

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Courtesy of Martinos Bike Lane Diary

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How much do you love your bike?

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bike love

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Balls Head adventure

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Last Sunday I got Tiff up out of bed for an adventure (2 Hour max or else!), so we put on the raincoats, and mounted our mudguard equipped machines and headed off towards a secret destination. I Was trying to ride over the bridge, along the water at Lavender bay, and then round to see some aboriginal engravings on some rocks at Balls Point. Bloody lovely city we’ve got.


After Macmahons point, it was up some more hills, and around to the old BP site that’s been converted into a park. LOTS of stairs, Tiff started to get sick of the stairs, but what a wicked cyclocross course!


Here’s Tiff wheeling her bike along somebeautiful singletrack in the wildest place that’s close to the CBD. Smile honey!


And now to the sneaky sales part. This is Tiffs new bike that I built or her to ride to Uni a couple of nights a week. It’s a Merida Speeder modified to a German city cruiser! Nice upright riding position, mudguards, rack, lock and a dynamo hub. I am going to make em all like ths I reckon. Why do I have to make em like this? Why don’t they come like this already? Not sure.


So here we have a nice set of full mudguards, Band M LED superlight run by a Shimano Dynamo wheel, and Schwalbe Marathon P_lus Tyres. Ooh and Pitlock security skewers so the wheels don’t get nicked at Uni


Look at those reflective sidewalls on the tyres! rear rack, Kryptonite Evo lock, and a neat little light on the back of the rack so that you can put stuff on the top of the rack and still see the light. Actually that’s a dynamo run light on the back there. The front and rear lights stay on when you stop at lights too


That’s quite a rise. Mmm hmm. And have you tried those Ergon grips?

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a few miscellanious photos

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cimg0455.JPG That’s master photgrapher Kurt at the Tour de Shiftoire

cimg0360.JPG Uncle bado

cimg0358.JPG BikeLove Jo, and the lovely Kate (She’s so cute and nice), and Uncle Bado (yes those are real Eyebrows!)

cimg0363.JPG Tifo, mystery blode and the birthday girl Rosie .

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