Shark Mark’s Crosscheck Custom

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We have some amazing customers, and some particularly interesting bikes in the shop today. Mark has an immaculate collection himself, including three Bromptons, a Moulton, A Dahon, Cannondale Badboy and this beauty

Surly Crosscheck , XT, Flatbar with Ergon grips, SKS fenders and sweet saddlebag.

shark mark crosscheck

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Added an inverted Schmidt E-Delux to Alex’s Crosscheck..

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Added an inverted Schmidt E-Delux to Alex’s Crosscheck, running off a great value SP hub, and matching up nicely with VO guards, Nitto rack and Berthoud bag and decaleur.. Posted via @cheekytransport on Instagram

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Surly Troll

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We got a rad email and picture from Eliot, showing off his very pretty Surly Troll:

Hey guys,

I bought a Surly Troll frame set from you guys back in February. It’s been built for a while now but I thought you might like to see the finished build so I’ve attached a photo. I’ve named her Molly. She’s fast and responsive, a bit rough on the gnarly stuff, but I love her.
We’ll have more Troll stock available to order later this year (October-ish)..

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Cameron is riding home… from London

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Curly and awesome scenery (1) (1024x576).jpg


I have been in England for a month now and have spent the last 9 days on the road for the start of my touring. I arived mid-late March and spent the first week or so at my cousins place and looking around London and its many attractions and free museums. During early April I went for my first overnight ride with the bike and then a four day ride from Southend-on-sea (about 50 k east of london) up to Kings Lynn via Cambridge. These rides were approximately 320 km combined with my last weeks riding I have now accumulated approx 900 km fully loaded touring. I have attached two photos that are explained by their tittles.

I have finally managed to get my Journal to a suitable point that I was happy to publish it. The journal can be reached by following the link – This will take you to the contents page. New entries are marked by a RED asterik and entries that have been edited in the last week are marked by a GREEN asterik. Jez there are currently no photos on any page. Photos will come in time as I get around to downloading the photos form my camera and sortin them out.

So far the trip has been thoroughly enjoyable except for getting a chest infection that delayedf the start of the main trip 4 days. So far all the right decisions have been made and I am very happy with my choice to come over and cycle around.

I am in a pub in Salisbury having lunch as I type this. The weather today has turned cold and windy again after 5-6 days of virtually no cloud and plenty of warm sunshine. Last night was the first night or day that I have received any run and I was in my sleeping bag 5 miinutes before the rain hit, so now the tent is spread out in a beer garden drying in the breeze. The plan for the next few days is to head off to Bristol via Bath then a train back to London to pick up a replacement bit of equipment before the train back to Bristol and heading north to John O’Groats over the next couple of weeks.

Hope everything is well with everyone.

C (or whatever nickname you want to insert here instead)

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Big Dummy

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One of these is a super heavy duty urban transport load carrying machine.. The other is a SUV..

We had the pleasure of building up our first Surly Big Dummy recently. It’s a new frame from Surly that’s built to work with the Xtracycle long-tail cargobike set up. Alex went for a Rohloff to give him the gear range to haul all the cargo that an Xtracycle can carry, a Brooks B17 and a Bobike Maxi child seat.

Have a look at all the photos here.

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best product ever!

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zefal strapless toeclips are made so you can still pull up but do not have to worry about tightening and loosening a strap which can cause some problems.

so good we have a friend who put them on all four bikes and i think has a spare set.

thanks to tony for this delightful example. more pics here

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Crosscheck build

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So we built up a lovely surly crosscheck for a customer and he asked us to document the build process. I had been meaning to do this for quite a while just so people know that they are getting a quality build when they get us to build the bike up.

It’s not meant to be blowing our own trumpet it’s just to give you an idea if you were getting a bike built by us. Below is how the frame starts out of the box. See here for the detailed build.


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more ebay madness

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Nb these bikes are not in store, and we won’t discuss them in store or on the phone. We also give no guarantees on the way it was assembled or manufacturers warranties If you want really good service, fitting info, pro assembly, manufacturers warranty and after sales love, you gots ta pay real money!

That said, if you know what you’re looking at, these babies are going to be bargains!

There are a couple of flatbar roadies a tourer, a limited edition 20 inch wheel Birdy folding bike, Daves full suss mtb (almost new), and a few singlespeed frames by Surly and On One



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Touring specialists

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We get very jealous of people coming in telling us all their awesome travelling plans. BUt it is pretty cool, nonetheless. Inspiring. Hmm. So anyway, we have heaps of cool touring stuff.

The best not too loaded up/budget touring bike the Fuji Touring is BACK BABY! $1350 . Tip from the top. Get in quick if you want one. There has been a huge amount of demand, and there aren’t many available. Lovely bike.

We just became Vaude dealers and I am particularly impressed by their Roadmaster bags $100 for front $130 for rear. NIce attatchment system, raincover, pockets. Good value. They also do some very similar to the ortliebs (which should be back in stock in a couple of weeks).

more soon

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coming January?

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