Having an adventure on a bike is awesome. It it THE BEST way to see places. Have a look down the bottom of this page for some inspiration, and get planning! You can go touring on any bike really, but proper touring bikes and equipment make things easier, more comfortable,  safer, and more enjoyable.



Bombtrack Beyond. Does pretty much anything! Comeon in for a testride

Dedicated touring bikes  are designed to handle better loaded up and be more comfortable for normal riders to ride for long periods than racing, hybrid or mountain bikes. They can also make great commuting bikes!

To get an idea, take a good look at our 2 favourites the  Surly Trucker Disc ( expedition style, designed for fully loaded long trips)

Taller head tubes git your handlebars higher and make you more comfortable. Relaxed frame angles create a long wheel base that keeps your bike stable when it’s loaded up and frames are designed with fat tyres, mud-guards and racks in mind.

Gearing is nice and easy with either mountain bike or hybrid ratios, which can make a big difference on the last long climb of the day. Modern 9 speed components offer the best mix of quality, durability, ‘mix and match’-ness and value.

Touring bikes are equipped with bars that offer a wide variety of comfy hand positions – to allow you to pedal more efficiently, tuck down out of a punishing headwind or sit up, rest and look around. Touring drop bars are wider and shallower than racing drops. We’re also big fans of ‘Euro’ or ‘Trekking’ bars – the butterfly / figure-8 shape offers a wide variety of hand positions, but with mountain bike style brake and gear levers.

Surly Ogre from $2450

Like the Trucker Disc, this Surly is designed for serious touring. The difference is that this bike is set up with MTB controls on a Jones bar, which gives you multiple hand positions, but in a more upright riding position. The Ogre also has clearances for even wider tyres, and that makes it a great option for offroad touring

Come on down for a testride!


Touring on a Brompton can also be fun


Quality touring bits mean less dramas on the road. Waterproof panniers, leather saddles that conform to your individual shape, full length mudguards to keep your stuff dry, Rohloff internal gear hubs are some of the things that have been tested for years around the world.



Ortlieb bags have the deserved reputation of being the best cycle touring panniers available. Brooks leather saddles are a popular choice on a lot of the touring bikes we sell.



Dynamo lights are great for touring bikes. We stock Schmidt and Shimano hubs and Busch and Muller lights Rohloff  hubs are the long distance cyclotourist’s dream gear system

Lonely Planet Cycling Guides - $37



Lonely Planet Cycling guide books for Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France and Italy Mudguards to keep you, your bike and your gear clean and dry

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