We love fixing bikes . We like getting old things running again, and keeping people comfortable and happy on their bikes. Adam and Donald have done advanced bicycle technician training in the US. Maisey has been working in bike shops for years. We are experienced and trained, and most of all , we care about making things right .

We are experienced and passionate in our field of commuting and touring bikes.

We custom build and restore lots of stuff too. Here’s a gallery showing a Surly Crosscheck getting put together from start to finish. We love modernisations and restorations as well. Have a look at Damien’s Pascoe – before and after.

We can also show you how to build your own bike. One-on-one instruction, using our tools is $90 an hour.

Our workshop is open plan, right in the centre of the shop. We use Green energy, biodegradable lubes, try to avoid solvents , and recycle tyres, tubes, metal and glass


We always quote you for parts and labour when you drop your bike off. Any dramas and we’ll give you a call. Here are the more common repairs we do

Flat Tyre (incl. new tube) $20
Service $90
Make your bike go nice Full Details Here
Wheelbuild Labour $90
(including spoke tension balancing with a tensiometer)
Wheel True $30
Custom Bike Build $240

Click here for details of our Service and other workshop rates

Bookings and Turnaround

We can usually fix small 5 minute stuff on the spot  – tyres, quick adjustments etc, but for services we’re generally booked out a week in advance.

We can do sameday services if you book in online or you can just leave it with us until we get around to it.

One other thing.

We try very hard to do high quality repairs. PLEASE let us know if you are not happy with our service, and we will bend over backwards to solve any problems.