Service Details and Repair Rates

General Service

This service is recommended at least every 6 – 9 months depending on bike usage

  • Our well trained mechanics will first wipe down the bike and inspect for damage, looking for things like cracks in the frame and damage to other bits
  • Straighten the derailleur hanger, so the derailleur doesn’t go into spokes (nasty), and make sure the gears are indexed correctly
  • Adjust and lube gears (check limit stops so the chain doesn’t come off, check cables for fraying and friction so the shifting is smooth and indexed, so the gears shift easily and accurately, lube cables and bits that move)*(that means checking inside shifters for cable damage?)
  • Check condition of drivetrain by measuring chainstretch and chainring wear. Wear on derailleur pivot pointscan also affect the gear changes.
  • Adjust brakes (check condition of cables and brakepads, align pads and adjust cable tension so that the brakes work as they’re meant to)
  • Remove wheel from bike do a quick hub adjustment, to minimise damage on wheel bearings, including check for broken axle
  • True wheels in a stand so they don’t rub on your brakes, check the condition of the rim for potential problems
  • Pump up tyres and inspect for wear and damage, so you don’t get a flat when you roll out the door
  • Lube the chain, so it lasts longer and changes gears nicely
  • Check all bolts on parts and accessories, so the bike is safe to ride and things won’t fall off
  • Testride, to see if all indentified problems have been fixed, and identify other things to look at in the future

Common service extras

Fit a new brake or gear cable $15
(Stainless steel cable inner, Teflon lined cable outer – Rust resistant, smoother operation.)
Fit brake pads $20 per end
(prices vary depending on type of brakes you have)
Fit Chain $10
Fit Cassette $10
Fit Chainring $10
Fit New Crankset $20
Fit Bottom Bracket $20

E.g. If your bike comes in for a service and needs a rear gear cable, and front and rear brakepads the cost is

Service Labour $90
Rear Gear Cable $15
Brakepads $40
Total $145

If you need more or less done, we charge an hourly labour rate of $80 per hour.

Labour charges for individual repairs

Brakes Wheels
Adjust brake/install pad “V” $15 Glue tire singleincl glue $60
Adjust brake/install pad canti $20
Adjust brake/align/bleed brake disc $35 Install tyre/tube incl tube $20
Install pads disc and reset piston/align caliper $20
Install brake “V” $20 Adjust hub     F-$15   R – $25
Install caliper brake $25 O’haul hub incl bearings $40
Install cable disc brake $25 O’haul hub-coaster $60
Install disc brake (without bleed) per end $30 O’haul hub -internal geared $80
Install brake cable and adjust $20 wheel true/ spoke replace $30
Install brake levers and adjust $40
Build wheel $80
Adjust b.b 10
Install cartridge b.b. -w/cranks $35 Headtube and handlebars
O’haul cartridge b.b. $35 Adjust headset $10
O’haul /installheadset $20
Face and chase b.b. threads $45
Install fork $20
Install c’rings (each) $15 Face headtube (if frame only) $20
Install chain $10 Cut steerer $15
Install freewheel/cassette $10
Remove and install pedals free
Install grips free
Install bar ends free
Shifter/Derailleur Cut h’bars down $15
Install shift cable and adjust $20 Install MTB h’bar $35
Install downtube shifters and adjust $45 Install Road h’bar $70
Install sti shifters and adjust $75 Install bar tape $10
Install mtb shifters and adjust $50
Install derailler and adjust $20
Misc labour charges
Misc labour hour rate $80
Misc. labour rate-bike storage per day $5
Insurance Quote $20
Misc installs
Install dynamo light $30 Install computer $20
Fit mudguards $25
Install rack $15