Bombtrack Arise 2017 - Black or Gold!

Bombtrack Arise 2017 - Black or Gold!


Lovely steel frame that you can do a lot on. Tour, Cross, Pub

Comes with one gear, but you can whack 10 on the hub and set it up as a 1 x 10 for $2300

2017 comes in XS - L and has disc brakes and a threaded BB

From the moment we first unveiled the Arise we were overwhelmed by the response it got. The original concept for the bike was to be a simple low maintenance single speed bike that could be used for commuting through the week, and then taken on small adventures at the weekends. As we started to get more and more questions about how to convert or adapt the bike we saw it through a whole new light. The Arise is more like a blank canvas, bare, functional and practical in its natural state but with a bit of imagination it can be transformed into a master piece. So the concept of the bike evolved into something that is highly adaptable and now, in its 4th incarnation, this has been taken further. The addition of disc brakes, S-bend chain stays and a return to the threaded BB all hold a special purpose. The disc brakes provide improved braking especially in wet and muddy conditions, the S-bend chain stays offer clearance for road crank sets and the BB making maintenance that little bit easier.

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