Bombtrack bikes


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Bombtrack is a German company making some pretty sweet rides. The Bombtrack Beyond is their adventure touring bike with 700c/29er wheels, rack mounts galore, lovely light frame, DT wheels!, dirtdrop bars with sti gear/brake levers. . The sti levers are particularly good for most people who use their bike in traffic as well as the open roads. No barend shifters here. Rackless or racked up, the Beyond is a very capable on and offroad adventure tourer. We have a couple in the shop, including a demo bike, so come on down. $2999

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The Bombtrack Arise, also available in burnt orange is sneaky. You can whack a rear deraileur on it and convert it to gears super easy. Light steel frame with heaps of tyre clearance. Good for a fun city bike with cross capabilities and more. $1450