Breezer Downtown


Joe Breeze is one of the founders of modern mountain biking, and a passionate transport cycling advocate. The Breezer Downtown bikes that we stock at Cheeky are a really nice expression of the kind of cycling that we want to promote – good value, comfortable, practical, well integrated city transport bikes – kitted out with simple drive-trains, nice paint-jobs, kickstands, racks, mudguards, comfortable handlebars and chainguards.

The Downtown frames are full Chromoly steel for classic looks and a comfortable ride, and offer fantastic tyre capacity – up to 700 x 50 with Planet Bike Cascadia 29er mudguards – just like we did for Henry.


Breezer Downtown Models


Breezer Downtown EX – Step Through – 8spd Derailleur – Yellow or Red – $550 – Full Specs and Geometry from


Breezer Downtown EX – Full Frame – 8spd Derailleur – Dark Grey – $550 - Full Specs and Geometry from


Breezer Downtown 3 – Full Frame (Racing Green) or Step Through (Gloss Shale) – 3spd Hub Gear – $650 - Full Specs and Geometry from