Surly Crosscheck


We love the Surly Crosscheck – it’s a total Swiss Army Knife of a bike. It’s a frame built originally built with cyclocross racing in mind, but everything that makes it a ‘cross bike makes it an excellent platform to build a heavy duty or light tourer, long day-ride, commuter, off-road, drop bar, flat bar, hybrid, road-type bike.

Lots of room for fat tyres, lots of mounting points on the frame, single speed, derailleur or hub gears, cantilever or v-brakes.

See what we mean about a Swiss Army Knife?



Complete Bike From Surly – $2100 or Frame and Fork – $950 – The Crosscheck complete spec belies the ‘cross origins of the frame in the choice of cantilever brakes, bar end shifters, compact double road 9spd gearing, wide drop bars and bar-end shifters. An immensely fun bike to ride.

All that said, depending on how you’re using the bike, the gearing can be a little restrictive, or the bars and shifters might not be your preference. We’re happy to play around with the spec to make you comfortable. It’s a pretty easy modification to swap out the bottom bracket and front derailleur to add a ‘granny ring’ to the crankset and expand your gearing downwards. Talk to us about a quote for modifications.


Custom Build – Like we said above, the Crosscheck frame makes a really versatile base to build a custom setup. Typically we’d suggest a Crosscheck if we were asked for a comfortable commuter with the ability to do regular longer rides and touring. Other options include single speed, hub gear (3, 8 or 14), or even 1×7. We’d love to know what your ideas are.


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