We believe that kick bikes, like the FirstBIKE, are the best way to teach children to ride. They develop balance skills (the hard bit) before pedalling (the easy bit), unlike trikes and training wheels.

We find that starting on a FirstBIKE at around 2 years of age will have any kid happily riding a without training wheels by 4. Kids are ready for a FirstBIKE when they can walk and stand over one, and with a ‘Lowering Kit’ ($25) installed, they can begin riding even earlier.

Check out this awesome video comparing Firstbike to some of the other styles of balance bike that are out there.

Based on experience with their kids, Adam, Nick and Maisey can all tell you first hand how much kids grow to love these things, and how well they work.


FirstBIKE from $220 - Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Red, with solid or pneumatic tyres and a brake.

Manufacturer’s Website

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  • Scoot First, Pedal Later: A review and discussion of FirstBIKE and other kick bikes from Australian Cyclist Magazine, January 2009.