Just Ride by Grant Petersen

We’re thrilled to be stocking Just Ride by Grant Petersen. Grant’s work at Rivendell and before that Bridgestone USA, is a constant source of inspiration for everyone at Cheeky. The book is a distillation of a particular bicycle philosophy, refined over more than 30 years, and resonates deeply with us. $25. Guaranteed to change your life.

The author describes it this way:

A collection of eighty-nine micro-essays ranging from a hundred and fifty to about eight hundred and fifty words, but averaging four hundred, on many familiar and some unfamiliar topics. The chapters are:

Riding, Dressing, Safety, Health & Fitness, Accessories, Upkeep, Technicalities, and Velosophy. There’s a mix of instruction and opinion, and as a Free Bonus, you get medical advice involving the drawing of blood. (The author has his A.A. degree, so you can ignore the publisher’s disclaimer before the table of contents.)

It would be somewhere between rare and freaky for anybody to agree with all of it, but for the record, I actually do, which is why I wrote it. But for anybody who isn’t me, I think the most I could hope for is maybe 81/89. Some of you may be down around 65/89. But take heart—there’s room to grow, there.

All  in all, Just Ride is sort of a manual for the Unracer—the rider looking for a reason to shuck the click-in pedals and uncomfortable bikes and grueling rides, without feeling like it’s throwing in the towel. It’s full of suggestions and recommendation on riding your bike outside the strange and often dysfunctional influences of racing, and having a better time on the bike because of it.