Brooks Saddles


Brooks are a classic English saddle brand who’ve undergone a substantial rennaissance in the last few years. We stock a range of Brooks saddles based around the B17 style – this includes the ‘S’ ladies models which are shorter and broader, the sprung Flyer, the Specials and the B17 Narrow. A limited number of other models are available to order. Standard B17’s start from around $160.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

Aesthetically a Brooks is a beautiful choice for any bicycle – classic or modern, but we love their saddles for a lot of practical reasons. Chief amongst these is the famed ‘break-in’ – as you ride, the leather softens and stretches and takes on a shape that conforms more naturally to the rider. A few weeks or a few months is generally required, but they’re comfortable from the start as well. The B17’s are broad and smooth, so they support your ‘sit bones’ nicely, and don’t have any chafing seams.