Dynamo Lighting – Schmidt, Shutter Precision and B+M


We think that modern hub dynamo light systems offer the best solution for lights for the bikes we sell. As long as the bike is moving the light is on. Modern LED lights offer heaps of illumination and visibility with very little resistance from the hub.

We stock lots of good quality battery powered commuting lights as well.



The Schmidt Son 28 is the best hub dynamo in the world. Beautifully designed and made, extremely reliable and durable. The dynamo and axle bearing internals are protected with a labirynth seal system that offers 50,000km of riding between services. The Peter White Cycles site offers a great deal of technical information about Schmidt hubs. Available in silver, black and red, 32 an 36 hole, disc and non-disc, from around $350.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.02.05 PM

We’re also big fans of the new generation of dynamo hubs from Shutter Precision. SP are a new brand that rival the performance of a Schmidt hub at a fantastic price. We can offer a complete prebuilt SP Dynamo Wheel from around $300 or a hub from $180. SP doesn’t yet have the same reputation for long-term durability that is one of the key strengths of Schmidt, but bang-for-buck, they’re awesome.



We stock Busch and Muller and Schmidt headlights for dynamo hubs. The Schmidt Edelux ($320) is superb. The B+M Lumotec IQ Cyo ($225) and  Lumotec IQ Fly ($170) are also both excellent.


Busch and Muller Taillights in a couple of different styles for either rack, seatpost or mudguard mount. We stock the D-Toplight XS, Toplight Flat Plus and Seculite