Power Grips

Nick’s been using these on his bike for a few years and thinks they’re a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to cleats or toe-cages. They’re $60 a pair (straps only, the pedals in the picture aren’t included) for the standard length.

Powergrips are so brilliant, so sublime in their simplicity and economy of material, so superior in function and practicality, that it is a crime they are not standard equipment on all new mid and entry level mountain bikes, hybrids and city bikes. – Practical Pedal

Powergrips are durable, cheap, and effective. The inch-wide webbing straps won’t scratch up your Manolo Blahniks’ the way regular toeclips will; they let you move your foot around on the pedal as comfort demands, and a twist of the foot instantly binds or releases them. They have all the advantages of both toe clips and clipless pedals with none of the downsides. – Momentum Magazine

The most underrated bicycle accessory on this or any other planet. – Rivendell