We stock a range of luggage racks from a couple of different manufacturers. They’re all quality items. The best rack for you depends on your bike and what you want to carry.

We stock specialist racks from Old Man Mountain (made in the USA for suspension and non-eyelet frames) and Tubus (strong, light, steel, German). Click those links for models, prices and information.

For almost 99% of uses on standard bikes, for our money, nothing beats the Topeak Supertourist. A basic Supertourist is $50. The DX version (right) is $75. They use a thicker diameter tube and have extra strong welds at the lower joins (where most racks break). Topeak make a range of nifty bags and baskets that slide easily on and off the top.

These Basil Front Racks are a Dutch front platform rack for carrying almost anything. They’re best for rigid forks with bolt up axles and wide handlebars.$70.