The Rohloff Speedhub is one of the most amazing pieces of bicycle design, engineering and manufacturing out there. A 14 speed internal hub gear system with a 519% gear range and an even step of 13.5 – 13.7% between each ratio, with a phenomenal and extremely well deserved reputation for durability, low maintenance and reliability.

You can visit the Rohloff Australia website for lots of detailed technical information

We are very experienced with Rohloff hubs over the years and have built them into a wide variety of bikes. There’s a way to make a Rohloff work in any frame that’s spaced for a 135mm rear mountain bike hub.

We think that the best platform for a touring Rohloff bike that’s easily and (relatively) cheaply available in Australia is the Surly Long Haul TruckerHave a look at this photo gallery. Depending on the kind of riding you want to do, the Surly Crosscheck, Karate Monkey and 1×1 can all be Rohloff equipped.

For a custom Rohloff specific touring frame, a Bobo Bikes frame, built by David, may suit.

We typically quote around $5000 for a full Rohloff / Trucker build, with the hub accounting for around $2000. A quote generally includes racks, panniers, a Schmidt hub dynamo and light system and a mix of Deore / LX / XT and other componentry across the bike. Prices for the hubs vary based on your choice colour (red, black or silver) and frame and the mix of Rohloff components required to accommodate that.

If you’re considering a Rohloff, we have a demo bike available for test rides to give you an idea of what the experience is like.